1 In 5 US Prisoners Infected With Coronavirus

1 In 5 US Prisoners Infected With Coronavirus

1 in 5 US prisoners infected with Coronavirus.

A minimum of 275,000 US prisoners have been infected during the COVID 19 pandemic, more than 1,700 died and the rate of spread of the virus behind bars shows no signs of slowing down, experts say.

1 in 5 prisoners in America has tested positive for COVID 19, which is over 4 times the rate of the general population of USA. According to data, more than half of prisoners are infected in some states. In twenty-four state prisons, this figure was even higher.

The problem of treating such patients is complicated by the fact that the virus behind bars spreads uncontrollably and prisoners cannot distance themselves from society and depend on the state for their treatment and recovery from Coronavirus.

According to Homer Wenters, the former chief physician of the prison complex on Rikers Island in New York, the indicated number of infected US prisoners is greatly underestimated. Wenters has conducted more than a dozen prison inspections to determine the number of cases of COVID-19 across the country.

New cases in prisons this week hit their highest level since testing began in the spring, far exceeding previous peaks for US prisoners, in April and August.

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