2 Farm Workers Beaten To Death In South Africa

2 Farm Workers Beaten To Death In South Africa

2 farm workers beaten to death in South Africa!

A few hours back in South Africa, 2 farm workers were beaten to death. This is what the people of South Africa have to say about this gruesome incident:


5 farmers beat to death 2 farm workers but they were only charged with assault. Not murder. This is what we mean when we talk about white privilege.


That is the power of white civil organisations we are fighting about tweets they are fighting for their nation and it’s working


I was listening to the mother of on of the victims when she says abelungu bayasihleka and she was in deep pain that made not to feel any pain for farm murders to be honest the things they’re doing to blacks


Yoh. They are well resources, well funded, thina on the other hand, we loot state funds instead of securing resources for our own.


We need black civil organisations we really need them!


Our judiciary system sees colour. The judiciary is another sector which is in desperate need of some major transformation.


The country adopted a very strange legal system.


True, is possible to amend and change this system? How can it be changed, phela its tough to be Black in Africa


Why are we surprised considering that the judiciary is the same judiciary who presided over apartheid.


2/3 majority vote (collective decision making) from parliament can change anything. Shouldn’t you be saying “our”… and am not saying current cropof ppl in parliament are the right ones, am just saying maybe somewhere on these twitter streets we will find leaders worth voting into parliament to deliver on our needs…


This doesn’t make sense. I’m no student of law but there’s no judge that will accept this. This can’t be the final ruling. People are dead because of an assault and you’ll forget the bigger crime?


You were given political freedom but on the same system of oppressing blacks and the white chosen some blacks that can work for them not work with them.


Whites are a law unto themselves, their racist apartheid government put them way above the laws of this country, but my biggest pain is that the current government is not lifting a finger. Farm murders is only applicable when the victim is white. They had no right to kill them.

Fareez: What this doesn’t mention is that the public prosecutor failed to prove murder. They botched the case. Hence them only being convicted of assault. But that’s an inconvenient fact that has been omitted here!!

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