2 Million Plus Coronavirus Cases In America

2 Million Plus Coronavirus Cases In America

2 million plus Coronavirus cases in America!

The United States of America is still in the number one spot for the most number of Novel Coronavirus deaths and infections in the world. At the time of writing this, there were around 2,010,450 cases and 112,550 deaths due to Coronavirus in America!

The top 10 cities in America which have been hit the most by the Coronavirus pandemic are:

                             Confirmed     Deaths

New York                378K             24,259

New Jersey             164K             12,176

California                129K             4,626

Illinois                     128K             5,904

Massachusetts        102K             7,201

Pennsylvania           73,942          5,817

Texas                     69,920          1,767

Florida                    60,183          2,607

Michigan                  58,241          5,595

Maryland                  56,770          2,702

But even as the death toll in America continues to be on the rise, America is now ‘opening up’. Businesses all over America are reopening.

President Donald Trump had announced that “vaccine or no vaccine”, the US will reopen!

President Donald Trump announced that an objective had been made to deliver a Coronavirus vaccine by the end of 2020. He said that the vaccine project, had been named “Operation Warp Speed”.

What is “Operation Warp Speed”?

US President Donald Trump said:

“That means big and it means fast. A massive scientific, industrial and logistical endeavour unlike anything our country has seen since the Manhattan Project.”

President Trump added:

“I don’t want people to think this is all dependent on a vaccine. Vaccine or no vaccine, we’re back. And we’re starting the process. In many cases they don’t have vaccines and a virus or a flu comes and you fight through it. Other things have never had a vaccine and they go away. I think the schools should be back in the fall [autumn].”

Fact is, even before the New Coronavirus lockdown was eased in various parts of America, thousands of Americans hit the streets, not to celebrate the lockdown ease – but to vent their anger and frustration on the killing of 46 year old black man, George Floyd, by American police.

Because of these protests taking place all over America, there is fear that there could be a new wave of Coronavirus infections in America.

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