2020 Worst Year For World Tourism

2020 Worst Year For World Tourism

2020 worst year for world tourism.

World tourism experienced its worst year in 2020, because of the Covid 19 pandemic, with an economic loss for the sector estimated at 1.07 billion Euros – announced the World Tourism Organization (WTO), Thursday, 28 January.

By regions, Asia-Pacific was the hardest hit, with a drop in arrivals of 84%, compared to 2019, both for being the first affected and for the serious restrictions on movements it still maintains.

The drop in revenue, accounted for as exports, represents more than 11 (times) the losses recorded during the global economic crisis of 2009 and reflects a 74% reduction in international tourist arrivals compared to 2019, reported the UN agency in its annual report.

Europe fell by 70% and had the biggest drop in absolute terms, with a reduction of more than 500 million tourists in 2020.

By way of comparison, during the international financial crisis of 2008-2009, the number of visitors to destinations around the world fell by only 4%. Indeed, 2020 was the worst year for world tourism.

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