$5.5 Trillion Of The Global Economy At Risk

$5.5 Trillion Of The Global Economy At Risk

$5.5 trillion of the global economy at risk!

The Coronavirus pandemic has crippled the world and there are now over 13 million cases and around 572,500 people dead, because of it. Economies all over the globe have collapsed and countries are facing huge losses.

Christopher Szabla Tweets:

“As much as $5.5 trillion of the global economy and nearly 200 million jobs related to travel are at risk from the curbs…Saudi Arabia is sharply limiting this year’s hajj pilgrimages to Mecca, threatening $8 billion in revenue there” alone”

The global economy has been devastated because of the killer Coronavirus disease.

The Daily Trust Tweets:

“The COVID-19 crisis presented an unexpected supply and demand shock to the global economy with far reaching and uncertain consequences.”

Here is a very interesting Tweet by Rita D. Meyerson, Ed.D.:

“Today’s world is defined by systemic connectivity. Yet the macro issues: societies, global economy, geopolitics, environment and technology do not evolve in a linear fashion, rather as complex adaptive systems making us ill prepared for a global pandemic.”

The Coronavirus pandemic has spread to every corner of the world and there is no country that has been spared by it.

Madeleine Albright Tweets:

“As my friends Bob Rubin and DMiliband write, no country will be safe from Covid-19 as long as it persists anywhere. Developing countries need immediate support from the international community to protect the global economy and public health.”

What is the solution? Is there a solution?

Fadila Al Jaffal Tweets:

“Saudi Arabia, in its capacity as president of the G20 group of nations, has unveiled a six-point business plan to jump start the global economy out of the recession brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

In late December 2019, the killer Novel Coronavirus, began its journey through the world, from Wuhan, China.

Sir. Esimba of Kenya Tweets: “Covid-19 disease originated in December 2019, Wuhan, Hubei province, China has caused more harm to the world. Back here home the virus has affected society and global economy.”

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