5 Latest Inventions 2020 Which Will Just Blow Your Mind!

5 Latest Inventions 2020 Which Will Just Blow Your Mind!

5 Latest inventions 2020 which will just blow your mind!

If you have been hunting for new technology 2020, then here are some of the latest inventions 2020, which are sure to just zap your mind!

  1. Gravity Blankets: These are just awesome blankets that have been designed to help you if you need to deal with anxiety or you are stressed out or you have sleeping problems. This is a therapeutic weight blanket and it has been designed in such a way, that it is about 10% of your body weight.
  2. Somneo: This is one of the neatest new technology inventions. The device helps you with your sleeping habits and best of all, it simulates a natural sunrise for you, when you wake up.
  3. HabitAware: If you want to kick some of those bad habits you have, then this is just the device you need. This is one of the latest inventions 2020. Everytime you do a bad habit which you do not wish to do, this device lets you know, by vibrating.  Definitely great to have if you want to get rid of any of your bad habits.
  4. The Mirror: By far, this is one of the best new products 2020. This is an interactive mirror and in these harsh times, where staying home is the safest thing to do, this fabulous mirror will help you meet your fitness goals for 2020. Live workouts are started by The Mirror and it even gives you an interactive fitness coach.
  5. Solar Charged Jacket: This is one of the very best new inventions 2019. If you like to jog, run or walk late evening or night, then this jacket is a must for you. This Solar Charged Jacket has a phosphorescent membrane and in the day it absorbs light. In the night, the jacket releases “kryptonite green energy” and lets people see you in the dark. Thus keeping you safe.

There you are, these 5 latest inventions 2020, are sure to just blow your mind!

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