90 Year Old Margaret Is First In UK To Get 2nd Dose Of Pfizer Covid 19 Vaccine

90 Year Old Margaret Is First In UK To Get 2nd Dose Of Pfizer Covid 19 Vaccine

90 year old Margaret is first in UK to get 2nd dose of Pfizer Covid 19 vaccine.

According to the very recent data, 661,933 people in the UK have got their first dose of the Pfizer Covid 19 vaccine, between December 8 and 20. But Prime Minister Boris Johnson already spoke about 800,000 vaccinations on Christmas Eve. Others who received the vaccine in early December, will also receive their second dose this week.

The Pfizer Covid 19 vaccine should be administered twice, with 21 days between doses for best results. When 90 year old Margaret Keenan received a first dose on December 8, the UK health authorities stated that the woman would receive a second dose three weeks later, so as to make sure that she gets protection against Covid 19, in the best possible way. That has now happened.

In the United Kingdom, the number of Covid 19 infections continues to increase alarmingly. And certainly now that the presumably more contagious variant is becoming more and more prevalent, the field of vaccination must also be accelerated, researchers believe. So as to prevent the 3rd wave of Covid 19 in the UK, 2 million people need to be vaccinated each week.

Margaret made headlines on December 8, 2020, when she was the very first to receive the Pfizer Covid 19 vaccine in Great Britain, precisely 21 days later, she got her second dose.

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