All Wild Elephants Being Relocated In Ivory Coast

All Wild Elephants Being Relocated In Ivory Coast

All wild elephants being relocated in Ivory Coast!           

Authorities in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, have seized and are relocating all wild elephants that have disrupted farming communities, with the aim of saving the number of declining species in the West African nation.

Ivory Coast, is also called Côte d’Ivoire, is a country lying on the south coast of West Africa. French is the official language here. In all, there are 78 different languages ​​spoken in Ivory Coast. Yamoussoukro is the political capital of the Ivory Coast and it lies in the center of the country and the port city of Abidjan, is its economic capital.

An elephant named Hamed, by people in the southern Ivory Coast region, has been caught and sent to a zoo in Abidjan, as it awaits transfer to a park where authorities hope Hamed will have non-human company. Hamed moved from Azagny National Park to the Guitry region, where he lived for a number of years, until he began destroying the farmer’s land and intimidating residents.

The world’s elephant population is declining rapidly in recent decades. Today, there are an estimated 440,000 elephants left in the world. About 100 African elephants are killed each day by poachers looking for elephant meat, ivory and body parts. Many hunters are not selective in choosing all wild elephants to kill – young, old, male or female, it means nothing. Because the main purpose, is to get ivory to sell and elephant meat to feed their hunting team.

Here, the first human presence has been difficult to determine, because human remains have not been properly stored due to the climate of the country. Ivory Coast once had more than 1,100 elephants in various locations. Now, experts estimate that there are only 300 left, living in small or isolated groups and at risk of poachers looking for their ivory.

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