Alpha The World’s First Hydrogen Electric Bike

Alpha The World’s First Hydrogen Electric Bike

Alpha the world’s first hydrogen electric bike.

Alpha was a project that was born six years ago, by a company which set out to manufacture an electric bicycle powered by hydrogen fuel cells. Today, after several years of research and development, we now have – Alpha the world’s first hydrogen electric bike.

There are a number of hydrogen-powered vehicle projects, from flying taxis, ships, planes, trucks and cars. However, very little has been heard of hydrogen electric bikes, which are now also looking to make a dent in this ambitious technology that wants to take off around the world, as a green alternative.

According to the specifications, the ‘Alpha’ cylinder has a capacity of 300 bar, which would offer a range of up to 150 km, which is an extremely interesting figure, if it is taken into consideration that that electric bicycles offer an average of 50 km.

Another point that stands out in the Alpha hydrogen electric bike, is its recharging time, which is approximately two minutes, according to its creators, while electric bicycles need between 3 and 4 hours to charge their battery.

Alpha was born as an initiative of the French company Pragma Industries, focused on the manufacture of hydrogen fuel cells. And it had the support of Cycleurope, which designs bicycles and BMS PowerSafe, which is in charge of designing battery management systems.

Alpha is their first official product and they assure that it is ready to enter large-scale production in the next few months and start its commercialization around the world. Inside the Alpha, we find a lithium ion battery and a fuel cell, which is powered by a cylinder of hydrogen gas.

Its managers hope that in the future, they will be able to launch reusable hydrogen cartridges, which would serve to fill the cylinder, according to needs and thus extend its autonomy on the go. This is a proposal that arises from the lack of hydrogen stations.

And so we now have – Alpha the world’s first hydrogen electric bike!

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