Amazon Jeff Wilke To Leave

Amazon Jeff Wilke To Leave

Amazon Jeff Wilke to leave!

Amazon’s consumer business leader Jeff Wilke will retire in the first quarter of 2021, the company said on Friday, August 21, 2020. This is the latest on the Jeff Wilke news.

As CEO of Global Consumer Affairs, Amazon Jeff Wilke runs a variety of Amazon resources, including Amazon Prime and retail stores. Wilke began his career with Amazon in 1999 and took over as CEO of the Global Consumer Division in 2013. He has long been considered one of Bezos’ closest managers.

Amazon Jeff Wilke has been with Amazon for more than two decades and became a business member in 1999, overseeing overseas operations. Since then, he has grown and now oversees a large e-commerce industry and business.

Jeffrey Wilke, 52, has been the CEO of’s Consumer Affairs since 2016. has 13 senior and junior executives., Inc. ‘S oldest officer, 74, is independent director Thomas Ryder.

Amazon Jeff Wilke, CEO of Amazon’s global consumer business, plans to retire in the first quarter of 2021. The news has been publicly announced. As’s global consumer CEO, Wilke’s full compensation from is $ 10,210,725.

In September 1999, Jeff Wilke joined Amazon as Vice President and General Manager. He began his career as a software writer and led software development at Anderson Consulting (now Accenture).

Jeff was one of the students who graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Jeff Wilke MIT) Global Operations Program in 1993, where he earned an MBA and an SM in Chemical Engineering.

Jeff Wilke will be replaced by Dave Clark, currently Vice President of Global Operations at Amazon and who has worked with the company for more than 20 years.

Jeff Wilke has held more than 99 jobs on stocks since 2011. Most recently he used 2,791 units of AMZN shares worth 9,100,000 as of August 15, 2020.

From August 15, 2020, the net worth of Amazon Jeff Wilke is at least 193 million. In addition, salary of Jeff Wilke was 10,210,725 as a global consumer CEO at

But now, Amazon Jeff Wilke is all set leave!

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