American Environmental Disasters And Global Disasters

American Environmental Disasters And Global Disasters

American environmental disasters and global disasters!

In the United States, residents of California reported that wildfires were out of control, the sky turned orange and ashes fell from the sky. Climate scientists say that a fire engulfed more than a thousand square meters in just one day – all part of American environmental disasters taking place all across the country.

More than 14,000 firefighters are fighting the California fire, due to American environmental disasters. The two largest wildfires in the state’s history occurred in the San Francisco Bay Area, although the fire was brought under control three weeks later. However, this year’s wildfire season has just begun.

Wildfires in California, Oregon and Washington on the West Coast of the United States caused extensive damage. President Trump has repeatedly criticized the forest management methods in these states as the cause of the wildfires.

In Death Valley National Park, California, more American environmental disasters – the  temperature is believed to be the highest recorded reliably on earth: 54.4 degrees Celsius (130 degrees Fahrenheit).

The temperature is said to be in relation with the heat wave on the West Coast of the America. The meteorological department has expected that the temperature will rise further.

Many calamities are happening on the earth we live in and it involves a lot more than American environmental disasters. The fire in California, turned the sky orange and the floods in Senegal and Sudan have made farmers worry about the future. After a massive explosion last month, a fire broke out in the port of Beirut.

In Sudan, the United Nations and Sudan authorities are providing assistance to the tens of thousands of refugees who lost their homes in the Nile floods.

In Senegal, on the other side of the African continent, in the town of Colmarsa near the capital Dakar, dark clouds poured rain of three months in just seven hours, turning this area into a country of water. The flood made the plight of local residents even worse.

In the port of Beirut, a big explosion happened a month ago. So powerful was the explosion, it could be seen from space. The ammonium nitrate stored in the port warehouse exploded in August. Nearly 200 people were killed in large areas of the Lebanese capital, thousands were injured and houses and buildings were destroyed. According to Lebanese official media reports, a fire broke out in a tire warehouse, the cause of which is unknown.

The number of American environmental disasters and global disasters seems to be on the rise!

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