American President Donald Trump Has Mild Symptoms

American President Donald Trump Has Mild Symptoms

American President Donald Trump has mild symptoms.

Since the coronavirus infection of US President Trump became known, the world has been looking excitedly to Washington. From there, it is now said that American President Donald Trump has mild cold symptoms, but is able to work. Challenger Biden tested negative.

His infection with the coronavirus caused “mild symptoms” for President Donald Trump, as the White House announced.

American President Donald Trump is not only “in a good mood”, but also very energetic.

Trump had tweeted that he and his wife Melania had tested positive for Sars-CoV-2. Both had immediately gone into quarantine.

Trump was on a campaign event in the state of Minnesota on Wednesday evening. At 45 minutes, the gig was significantly shorter than his other appointments of this type, some of which lasted up to an hour and a half. On the return flight, Trump fell asleep temporarily in the presidential plane.

Both the Chief Of Staff and Trump’s personal doctor assured him that he was fit to work. He performed his duties from his residence, it was said, as did Vice President Mike Pence. The staffs of the two would be separated.

Trump’s campaign team announced that he would sit out initially. All previously announced events with him would either be postponed or held online. The same applies to election campaign dates from members of the Trump family.

Vice President Pence plans to resume his events. He was also tested for the corona virus. The result was negative, as a spokesman announced. Tests by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Health Minister Alex Azar were also negative.

Melania also reported mild symptoms on Twitter, but overall she is fine. She is preparing for a speedy recovery.

The Americans will elect a new president in four weeks. It is still completely unclear in what form Trump can return to the election campaign. That is why the consequences for the election cannot be foreseen. Almost three million voters have already made their decision and cast their vote by letter.

The US president wants to fuel his flagging campaign despite Corona and left the hospital on Monday evening. But Joe Biden seems to benefit from Trump’s infection. American President Donald Trump tested positive for Corona on October 2nd, 2020.

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