American Schools Reopen At What Cost?

American Schools Reopen At What Cost?

American schools reopen at what cost?

If you are in America and you have been long asking the question – when will schools reopen, well the answer has been given – schools in America have reopened!


“Schools got shot up across the nation. America did nothing. COVID cases have now passed 5 million in the US, and are still rising. America wants to reopen schools. This country doesn’t give a single f#@! about our children.”

The saddest part is, American schools reopen in spite of the fact that 97,000 US kids test positive for Coronavirus disease, in the 2nd half of July 2020 – just a few weeks prior to the reopening of American schools and universities.

The American Academy of Pediatrics have revealed these stats, which are from the period, July 16 – July 30, 2020. The reality is that schools reopen in US, in what are known as virus hotspots in America.

Dr. Dena Grayson:

“We are NOT out of the woods. The US is averaging 56,000 new coronavirus cases per day—nearly DOUBLE the number at the peak this spring. And winter (flu season) is coming. Schools in hot zones should NOT reopen. Masks and Physical Distancing should be REQUIRED for all. Face with medical mask.”

In Mississippi, which has the highest positivity rate of 22% of all who are tested, officials state that 8 confirmed Novel Coronavirus cases have been reported across several schools, in the Corinth School District. Because of this, more than 100 people who have come into contact with these people, have been told to get into quarantine.

Tate Reeves, Mississippi Governor said:

“Those who want to attack everyone look at that as a negative, I actually look at it as a positive. We’ve identified positive cases, we’ve contract traced those back and we’re trying to protect those kids.”

At last, American schools reopen, but at what cost?

Sue Parton, President, Union which represents Bureau of Indian Education employees, said:

“I am concerned about the infection and the spread of the virus through our staffing, to the teachers, to the employees…”

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