American’s Arms Rush Frenzy As Poll Approaches

American’s Arms Rush Frenzy As Poll Approaches

American’s arms rush frenzy as poll approaches!

After arming themselves to deal with a possible wave of crime caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, then by anti-racist protests, Americans are now stockpiling weapons and ammunition, in an American’s arms rush, ahead of the presidential election on November 3.

In the United States, from rural areas to large cities, an American’s arms rush buying frenzy has gripped Americans. Since February, sales have exploded, boosted by the cumulative anxieties of a pandemic and violent riots, all in a hyper-tense political climate. The approach of the presidential election and the usual fear of a hardening of the Second Amendment, amplifies the phenomenon further.

Buyers have all types of profiles, “from 18 to 80 years” and “from the garbage truck driver to the office worker”, gunsmith owners say. They can’t believe they have so many customers, without stopping since February. According to them, manufacturers are even struggling to keep up with this boom in demand of the American’s arms rush buying frenzy, due to which the country is experiencing a shortage of arms and ammunition, which is pushing up prices.

Federal police statistics confirm this American’s arms rush. On average in 2019, there were 2.3 million requests for criminal background checks – mandatory for in-store gun purchases – per month. In 2020, the requests climbed to 3.9 million in June, an all-time high.

Several Americans say they have taken the plunge and bought their first gun this year. Some were initially motivated by the economic consequences of the pandemic, the loss of thousands of jobs, the rise in poverty, and the fear of rackets or burglaries.

Others in the American’s arms rush were motivated by the anti-racist riots, following the death of George Floyd, a black forty-something man, who was killed by a white policeman in late May 2020. These gatherings, sometimes punctuated by violence between demonstrators and the police or between demonstrators and far-right militias, were highly publicized.

In this “complicated period”, they feel “less secure” and want to be “able to protect themselves”, all the new buyers in the American’s arms rush said. Cause or consequence of these sharply increasing arms purchases, a rise in crime is observed in New York: homicides increased by 40% over the first nine months of the year and shootings by 91%.

To close this special year, the American presidential election is approaching. And with it, the fear of a possible change in the laws concerning weapons, pushing Americans to stockpile!

A phenomenon that is observed every four years. In the two months leading up to the 2016 election, where Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton clashed, gun sales were 17% and 18% higher than in the same period in 2015.

For now, the American’s arms rush continues.

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