ANC Government News Of Turning Cities Into Slums

ANC Government News Of Turning Cities Into Slums

ANC government news of turning cities into slums!

Blessings Ramoba, President of Mining Forum of South Africa (MFSA), Tweets:

“The ANC govt has turn beautiful cities into global slums in less than 26 years. A good example of this is Hilbrow and Johannesburg CBD. They destroyed the city and gave it to foreigners to control and to live in. The city’s control is in the hands of illegal foreign nationals.”

But, is there truth to what is said by Blessings Ramoba?

Mbaza replies about the ANC government news:

“It’s not the ANC it’s the people’s will ,if we don’t like what any political party does we have the power to chuck them out of power , this is the western democracy we opted for. So let’s not bitch and moan like cries babies.”

Vican says about the ANC atrocities:

“Agree, problem is the ANC is more than a political party, it’s seen as a movement that brought freedom to SA, until this changes and we vote them out of power nothing is gonna change.”

onngi states about the ANC Crimes:

“Kempton Park, Germiston, Sunnyside, Durban, Pretoria, Rusternburg, Klerksdorp…..the list is endless.”




“Pietermaritzburg had the slogan “city of choice”, not any longer. Its the city of filth, potholes, no street lights, constant water leaks. I haven’t been into the cbd for years, it smells like a toilet Face vomiting And of course, it’s broke!”

Clint Says About The African National Congress 2020:

“Don’t forget the voters who keep them in power. Even though people might not be educated by to choose decay for a grant of less than r500 tjo totally disappointed by black South Africans.”

Is Blessings Ramoba right about the ANC government news of turning cities into slums?? You be the judge!

Lukholo says about 2020 African National Congress:

“Thank goodness they lost CPT, it was turning into something else but the people of the Cape saved themselves or the city from becoming a slum.”

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