Apple New Product Releases September 2020

Apple New Product Releases September 2020

Apple new product releases September 2020…

Apple stated that this week, it will be holding an event, where there was a lot of speculation that Apple would be revealing their new iPhone design and perhaps some other products as well.

The event was scheduled to be streamed on the Apple website on Tuesday, September 15, 2020. And so, on this day, Apple released a few of their latest products.

Here is what Riley has to say about Apple new product releases…

“It wasn’t the greatest Apple event I’ve ever watched, but updates, no matter how minimal they may seem, are useful. It’s not like they raised the prices or anything, so if they upgrade a product in any way and keep the same price, why complain?”

But was there really no increase in the price of the Apple products? This is what Daniel says on this:

“Technically, the price did increase by however much they charge you for that USB charging adapter. My point wasn’t really that the products didn’t improve marginally. It was that they improved so marginally they didn’t really even need to have an event or pretend it was huge.”

Were people, in general, happy about the Apple new product releases?

Jackson says:

“I read the changelog for iOS 14 and was severely disappointed to see that the so-called changes were small things that should have been app updates for their subsequent apps. Not to mention that these are things that should have been in place long ago as they are simple features.”

Edmund: “This is why I don’t want to invest in them. Anti-consumer business practices. I don’t own any Apple products either. I don’t want to support them.”

Here are a few of the new Apple products announced:

Apple iPad 8th Gen: 40% faster than previous.

Apple Watch SE: Same design with lower price.

Apple Watch Series 6: With Blood Oxygen app.

Apple iPad Air: All new design in 5 new colors.

Still wondering about Apple new product releases September 2020? Now you know!

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