Apple Watch Series 6: Small But Fab Improvements

Apple Watch Series 6: Small But Fab Improvements

Apple Watch Series 6: small but fab improvements!

The Apple Watch Series 6 hit the market with a host of new and perhaps small, features. But it does not differ much from the previous version, the Series 5. 

The watch is not recommended if you already have a Series 5 or even a 4, for everyone else, it will be a gigantic leap. If you don’t have an Apple Watch and this is your first experience, you’re going to love it.

So what is new about the Apple Watch Series 6? The first thing that catches the eye are the colors of the boxes, now available not only in the usual gold, black and silver, it is also in blue and in this incredible red color.

It must be clarified that it only works with iPhone, nothing more. If you use Android, you should look for another option.

There are also new sensors to measure the oxygen saturation in the blood, which is added to the heart rate and electrocardiograms.

It must be clear that this new tool is not medical, but referential and that is why it is available everywhere and does not require going through health authorities controls, such as the ECG. Even so, more options are always appreciated, especially now that taking care of yourself is so important.         

The Apple Watch Series 6 screen is “always on” state, it is 20% brighter, which is much appreciated outdoors and playing sports.

Perhaps due to lack of competition, perhaps because there are no really new things or perhaps because from Series 4 they managed to give “the stick to the cat”, is that the world of wearables advances like that of cars, where we do not see radical changes year a year, if not small improvements.

And of course, the Apple Watch Series 6 is not designed for those who have the Series 5, and Apple knows it, it is for those who are in the Series 3, for example and are looking for something newer. It is a fact that people use their smart watches for more years and do not change them at the same rate as their cell phones.

Apple Watch Series 6 comes in two new colors and truly, it has a ton of little but great new features.

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