Are Black People Divided?

Are Black People Divided?

Are black people divided?

This question is being asked since decades and here is what people have to say:

Jay: The root cause is jealousy.

Mopedi: When Nelson Mandela become president he together with ANC created an environment of individuals than a unit. And that practice continues until the time of the votes. So they crippled the people’s unity so that they cannot be fought by the people as a unit. I think thats the very thing Winnie Mandela was saying later on in her life. You see it now that people would take 500 billion by themselves and not prioritise the people. Most people are so destitute they have to find their on ways to make means which inspires lots of crime.

Machel: 1. Tribalism. Divide & rule worked wonders in Africa. No matter where you go apart from North Africa, tribal divisions are evident & are are the bane of our destruction. 2. Capitalism. This almost goes hand in hand with tribalism. We lost our sense brotherhood, family, unity…

Thabiso: Tribalism… Some people think their tribe is more important than others, remember in South Africa 80% are black people but the economy is run by the 20 % minority. It’s because there’s no unity among black people.

Mafunze: Really dude? The economy is owned by minorities because of tribalism and not apartheid that denied all black people opportunities?

Paulo: Did we ever really have a sense of brotherhood? I think this brotherhood thing is overrated and has been romanticized.  Actual history confirms differences and rivalries amongst tribes in the pre-colonial times. The invaders just took advantage.

Motakabawo: Power. White people stepped down from “power” so that we can fight for it therefore there won’t be any unity to get what we deserve. [In South Africa at least]

Kgomo: Grudges and hatred. The sooner we accept that we are different the better. I bet we are our worst enemies who always get together when we criticize someone but we can’t be together celebrating one of us.

What do you think – are black people divided?

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