Are The Chinese Supporting American Prez Donald Trump?

Are The Chinese Supporting American Prez Donald Trump?

Are the Chinese supporting American Prez Donald Trump?

Chinese liberals at home and abroad turned to support American Prez Donald Trump. Why did they change their position?

Since the election of businessman Trump as President of the United States four years ago, the Chinese community has quickly split into two factions:

“Chuan Fan” and “Chuan Hei”.

According to a poll conducted by Asian American Decisions and AAPI Civic Engagement Fund on the eve of the Asian American election in 2016, 75% of Asian Americans supported Hillary Clinton, only 19% supported American Prez Donald Trump and the support rate of Chinese Americans is similar to this average.

In addition, a post-election poll initiated by the National Election Reporting Corps, sponsored by the Major American Media Association, showed that 65% of Asian Americans support Hillary Clinton and 29% support Trump.

Although Trump’s Chinese supporters are among the minority, this group is undergoing subtle changes. In the beginning, the most famous Trump supporter was the “Chinese North American Trump Campaign.” According to reports, the organization has nearly 6,000 members and spans 28 states across the United States.

In order to support Trump’s election, they paid for Trump in various ways and used airplanes to pull banners over the city. They are still in California, Texas and New York, working with Trump’s campaign groups, canvassing for him in the community and even appearing at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Trump also held talks with 51 of them in a private mansion in California, in June 2016.

However, reports later showed that most of these Chinese supporters had an ambiguous relationship with the embassy and were criticized by others. Four years later, Trump’s tough policy towards the CCP, made Trump a sensitive word on Chinese social media. These pro-Communist “Chuan fans” have also turned to or disappeared.

In addition, Trump has also won the support of many domestic and Chinese American liberals. Are the Chinese supporting American Prez Donald Trump?

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