Are You Being Tracked By Hitler, Err… Xi Jinping?

Are You Being Tracked By Hitler, Err… Xi Jinping?

Are you being tracked by Hitler, err… Xi Jinping?

A cyber security expert has stated that China’s President Xi Jinping has stolen £458bn ($600billion) of data, year after year, since many years now.

The cyber security expert goes on to say that Xi Jinping is ‘acting like Hitler’.

The cyber security expert states that each year, China steals intellectual property worth billions of dollars.

SentinelOne, Chief Security Adviser, Morgan Wright, said that anyone who disagreed with China, was made a target by them.

Morgan Wright announced:

“Anything that comes out of China, I actually don’t trust it at all. I was working at Cisco at a time when Huawei stole all of our code from one of our routers and folks from Cisco had to testify before Congress and they actually filed injunctions against the Chinese because they were stealing things. In the US, every year the trade report says China is responsible for the theft of $600billion of intellectual property.”

Morgan Wright said:

“They have figured out how to use technology to create an electronic tracking system. They have now figured out a way through people’s activity and their behaviours online and where they associate to determine the type of political or religious views of a person and they become a target. They’re using technology to do what Hitler was doing back in the day. Instead of rounding people up based on where they live and how they look, they’re now doing it through technology but make no mistake they’re doing the exact same thing Hitler was doing.”

Morgan Wright also said that China is tracking the behavior of various people online and trying to determine which people they should target – just like Adolf tracked people.

“Anybody who’s in conflict with the Chinese Communist Party, anybody who disagrees with them is a target.”

Are you being tracked by Hitler, err… Xi Jinping?

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