Bay Area Air Management Issue Spare Air Warnings

Bay Area Air Management Issue Spare Air Warnings

Bay Area Air Management issue Spare Air warnings.

The Bay Area Air Management District issued Spare Air warnings on Wednesday, making it illegal for Bay Area residents to burn solid fuel or wood, until the alert was signaled as completed.

Warnings come as smoke and layers of pollution lingered in the Bay Area, following a wildfire weekend.

Jack Broadbent, executive officer of the Bay Area Air Management Air District said:

“Multiple wildfires inside and outside of the Bay Area are creating an unhealthy breathing environment. With the added risk of COVID-19 on respiratory health, it’s crucial that we all do our part to reduce air pollution and take precautions to reduce exposure.”

Residents of Bay Area have been told to stay indoors, keeping their  windows and doors closed, if possible, so as to avoid exposure. If indoor temperatures were found to be very high, the Bay Area district authorities have recommended that residents visit a cooling station or another ventilated building.

The Bay Area region also deployed advisors on Thursday, due to smoke from the weekend fires that occurred, a district spokesman said.

Smoke was most prevalent in the Peninsula, where fires were raging in San Mateo County, as well as in the East Bay towns of Pleasanton, Dublin and Livermore, according to spokeswoman Erin DeMerritt.

However, DeMerritt said, those numbers could change as fires continue to erupt near Bay Area and areas around the fire could continue to have high visibility. Early in the morning, the smoke had risen to the other side of the Peninsula.

Erin DeMerritt added:

“Things are changing fast because the firefighters did not find the flames in the fire as soon as we thought they would.”

As of Tuesday evening, with regards to Bay Area Air Management, there was ZERO containment of the fires in the Bay Area, inclusive of 12,000 hectares in Napa County and 25,000 hectares in Santa Clara County.

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