Belgium Plans To Postpone Covid 19 Vaccine Second Shot!

Belgium Plans To Postpone Covid 19 Vaccine Second Shot!

Belgium plans to postpone Covid 19 vaccine second shot!

Vaccinologist Pierre Van Damme made it clear on Sunday evening, that the Belgian vaccination task force is looking at whether they could initially give people only one injection, even with vaccines that require a double dose.

The Covid 19 vaccine second shot would then come later. That way one could reach more people faster and achieve group immunity faster, stated said Van Damme, referring to the debate about this in Quebec, Canada.

Experts are in favor of postponing the Covid 19 vaccine second shot, in order to be able to give more Belgians a first dose more quickly. Minister of Health Frank Vandenbroucke, however, warns against rushing work.

Virologist Steven Van Gucht of the federal knowledge center Sciensano, is on the brakes a bit more. Van Gucht points to possible ethical and legal objections. Conditional marketing authorization was granted for a two-dose vaccination schedule. Moreover, that Covid 19 vaccine second shot remains crucial. Thanks to that second dose, the immune response is much stronger and, above all, longer.

Professor of microbiology Herman Goossens (UA), sees an important argument in the mutations of the virus, such as the more contagious variant that has emerged in the United Kingdom, among other places.

Van Damme suggested that with this alternative approach, the entire Belgian population could receive a first dose before the summer. But, the degree of protection is slightly lower, around 40 to 50 percent, according to Canadian media.

The big question here is, is it even ethical for Belgium to postpone the Covid 19 vaccine second shot?

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