Big Techs Generate Record Revenues In 2020

Big Techs Generate Record Revenues In 2020

Big Techs generate record revenues in 2020.

Google, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft generate record revenues in 2020, driven by teleworking, education and leisure at home.

For Big Techs, 2020 will have been the year of records. While many companies were suffering, technology groups saw their turnover driven by the pandemic, due to containment measures taken in 2020, which encouraged or forced users to use teleworking tools, distance education and home entertainment.

These Big Techs have also seen their stock market prices peak, becoming reassuring safe havens for investors. Over the year of 2020, Apple’s stock price jumped 75% and Microsoft’s by 37%.

On the social media side, Facebook has also seen its traffic boosted by confinement, gaining 12% of monthly active users, to 2.8 billion. As a result, its revenues, driven by its advertising activities, climbed 33% in the last quarter, to $28.37 billion.

The Big Techs, already well endowed, took full advantage of the home office. Azure, the cloud (data storage) division of Microsoft, saw its turnover jump by 50% in the second quarter of its staggered fiscal year.

Apple has benefited fully from the continued demand for telecommuting devices, software and services. Sales generated by iPad tablets (+ 41%) and Mac computers (+ 21%), have broken records. But the iPhone was confirmed once again as the flagship, with the successful launch of the 5G-enabled iPhone 12, which sold 90.1 million units in the last quarter of 2020.

As for Microsoft, it experienced a surprise rebound in subscription sales on its LinkedIn professional network at the end of 2020.

So, Big Techs generate record revenues in 2020.

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