Boeing Aircraft To Run On Clean Biofuel By 2030

Boeing Aircraft To Run On Clean Biofuel By 2030

Boeing aircraft to run on clean biofuel by 2030.

To tackle the climate challenge, the American aircraft manufacturer Boeing, now promises that their commercial aircraft will be certified to fly with 100% renewable fuel by 2030, the company stated.

At present, according to current standards, there is no permission to mix over 50% renewable fuel in conventional jet fuel. 

Boeing will work with, among others, engine manufacturers and authorities, to ensure that a higher level of involvement than the current 50%, is allowed.

At the moment, the aviation industry is responsible for only about 2% of human greenhouse gas emissions. If flying continues to increase, emissions will have doubled by 2050.

In 2018, Boeing, together with Fedex Express, became the first in the world, to fly a commercial aircraft, the 777 Freighter model, on 100% biofuel. The flight was carried out within the Ecodemonstrator demonstration program.

As a way of bringing about a reduction in the climate impact of aviation, Boeing has now made a promise that their commercial aircraft will be able to run on clean biojet fuel.

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