Brazil Chicken Wings Test Positive For Novel Coronavirus In China

Brazil Chicken Wings Test Positive For Novel Coronavirus In China

Brazil Chicken wings test positive for Novel Coronavirus in China!

According to authorities in China, chicken wings that have been imported from Brazil, have tested positive for Novel Coronavirus. This happened in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen.

How is the world reacting to this?


“Fake news, all you have to do is cook the chicken to kill the virus. It’s the same as regular chicken, you have to wash you hands after handling so you don’t get salmonella, same rules apply, it’s not rocket science.”


“But if you handle the chicken uncooked then touch a faucet or a kitchen towel you could become infected or cause someone else to.”


“So the virus lives on objects and food now?? We were told it could only survive for few hours.  It’s a different story every day.”


“So They’ve advanced the next step to psychologically weaponize the “Covid-19 virus” ! It’s allegedly now moved into the meat food chain, next it will be the Fish and then the fruit & veg!”


“At no point was that information released by the CDC. “FROM A FEW HOURS up to a few days depending on the surface”. Other coronaviruses thrive in cold and can last years in frozen environments, this we’ve known.”


“You are missing the point. That CV can cross borders on frozen food means it doesn’t need human travel to spread. Just another vectorcwe have to cpntain, more testing will be required.”

WHO said:

“There is no evidence to date of viruses that cause respiratory illnesses being transmitted via food or food packaging. Coronaviruses cannot multiply in food; they need an animal or human host to multiply.”


“The danger is exposed to people who work to transport them first, before getting to anybody’s kitchen. In China, Beijing and Dalian had occasional new cases of COVID 19 infecting Those first contact imported frozen food, after several months of zero cases.”

The Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA) said:

“There is no scientific evidence that meat transmits the virus. It is not yet clear when the packaging was contaminated, and whether it occurred during the export transportation process.”


“Trusting news from China?”


“If you are triggered by this news then you are weak minded! They are giving you the news. It’s up to you what you do with the info…”

The reality is that only the Chinese know whether or not Brazil Chicken wings have tested positive for Novel Coronavirus in China!

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