Brazil Wildfire Kills Wildlife

Brazil Wildfire Kills Wildlife

Brazil wildfire kills wildlife!

NASA satellites reveal that biggest fires in the Pantanal in the year 2020, are 4 times the the size of the biggest largest fire which took place in the rainforest of Brazil. The fire has been burning since mid-July in the remote wetlands of west central Brazil, leaving a much larger, more devastated area than New York City.

A team of local guides, veterinarians and biologists arrived in late August 2020, to traverse the dirt road known as the Trans-Pantanal Highway, by truck, in an attempt to save injured animals from the Brazil wildfire.

The Pantanal is smaller and less well-known than its more famous cousin, the Amazon rainforest. However, the water in the region tends to be plentiful and the habitat – located between the rainforest, Brazil’s vast grasslands and the dry forests of Paraguay – makes it a home for a vast species of wildlife.

Records show that almost 23,490 square kilometers have been burned, as of September 6, 2020, which is about 16% percent of the Brazilian Pantanal, according to an analysis done.

Jaguars wandered in the dark land, starving or thirsty, with burnt paws and lungs blackened with smoke. Bodies of alligator-like caiman, jaws frozen by a silent cry, the last act of a creature wishing to cool down before being burned by the flames, could be seen.

This huge Brazil wildfire is one of the thousands of fires that have engulfed the Brazilian Pantanal – the largest wetland in the globe – this year. Climate scientists fear that this could be a new normal, related to an increase in climate-related fires taking place from Australia to California.

The Brazil wildfire now threatens the world’s leading biodiverse ecosystems, biologists say. The Pantanal has some 1,200 species of vertebrates, including 36 endangered. In this once beautiful area of ​​150,000 square miles of Brazil, rare birds frequent and the world largest population of jaguars roam.

Although there are no exact figures, thousands of animals have perished in this Brazil wildfire.

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