Brooklyn Nets Aspire Big!

Brooklyn Nets Aspire Big!

Brooklyn Nets aspire big!

A few weeks ago, the 2020 NBA season ended with the triumph of the Los Angeles Lakers at the hands of LeBron James. Today the Brooklyn Nets team is preparing for the following season and also warns that it will be one in which they are one of the candidates for the NBA win. From the words of their own coach, Steve Nash, the Nets will be the team hardest to beat.

For this new challenge, they hope that their style of play is something that characterizes them to be within the taste of the fans and even more, to obtain the desired results to find the path that leads them to the title.

The Brooklyn Nets this season were seventh in the NBA Eastern Conference standings, with 35 games won, 37 lost and a .486 percentage. In addition, they were abruptly out only in 4 games. Against the Raptors, they lost 4 games in a row, without the opportunity to seek a comeback to achieve their advance.

Something that should be kept in mind, is that their stars for this coming season, have not had duels together, which will make it difficult to splice their good rhythm to get to that point they need.

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant were out of the season for a long time, due to a couple of injuries that made it difficult for them to finish the season. Irving had shoulder discomfort, while Duran had a torn Achilles tendon.

With these two great players understanding each other on the floor, it is expected that the Nets project will gradually have a future. That will be the first mission for Steve Nash, who has not even had the opportunity to have a training session with the team, because the season recently ended and players were not required to be with their teams for now.

But for now, Brooklyn Nets aspire big!

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