China Now Allowing WHO Experts To Enter The Country

China Now Allowing WHO Experts To Enter The Country

China now allowing WHO experts to enter the country.

WHO CEO Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who normally pays attention to his words when it comes to China – was angry at the time and was “very disappointed”. Beijing spoke of “a misunderstanding” and on Thursday, WHO experts would be allowed in.

How the virus got into China is still not clear at all and all kinds of rumors are circulating about it. According to some, the virus came from an important virological institute in Wuhan, from which it may or may not have accidentally escaped. There are even wilder conspiracy theories circulating, but without proof.

A team of WHO experts is now expected in China on Thursday and will collaborate with Chinese scientists there. It is not clear whether the WHO experts will also travel to Wuhan. The Coronavirus was first detected there at the end of 2019. The communist regime in China has strict control over all research into the origin of the virus.

The WHO wants to learn more in China about the origin of the Coronavirus and when and how it passed from animals to humans. Until now, only the official Chinese version of the facts is available: namely that the virus first spread through a fish market in Wuhan.

Experts from the World Health Organization are now allowed to work in China to find out the origin of the Coronavirus. China’s admission comes after criticism from the WHO summit, because China did not issue visas for its inspectors last week. That mission comes more than a year after the outbreak of the Corona epidemic.

Normally, WHO experts should have traveled to China last week and a number of them were already on their way, but then there appeared to be problems with issuing visas.

It is still not clear what the WHO team can do in China and not even whether that team would travel to the city of Wuhan, the place where the virus was first detected. Incidentally, WHO experts wanted to go to China much earlier.

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