China’s New Gift To The World – China Tick Virus!

China’s New Gift To The World – China Tick Virus!

China’s new gift to the world – China Tick virus!

After the killer Coronavirus, which began in Wuhan, China, in late December 2019 – and which killed lacs of people and infected millions all over the world…

China is now giving the world a new killer gift –

The China Tick virus!

What people are saying about China’s new killer gift to the world…


“Just throw the whole country away at this point..”


“Why is China always inventing damn diseases?”

It has been reported that already, the new China Tick virus, has killed 7 people and infected 67!


Tick-borne virus spreads across East China, infecting 60 and killing seven so far … While almost the entire world is still struggling with the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, Chinese officials have reported cases of another infectious..”

After a bite from a tick, a person can get infected by this China Tick virus which is an SFTS Virus. This is not a new virus and in the year 2011, the pathogene of the virus was isolated by China.


“Dawg wtf are they doing over there??”

According to virologists, the China Tick virus can possibly be  passed on to humans, after they are bitten by a tick – and this can then be transmitted from human to human – via mucous or blood. 


“Dayuum Germ warfare”


“Just take us all already. I’ve had enough of 2020. Life can’t take a chill pill”

Is the world ready for China’s new gift to the world – China Tick virus?


“Another pandemic gift from China to the world community.”

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