Convalescent Donald Trump Resumes Election Campaign

Convalescent Donald Trump Resumes Election Campaign

Convalescent Donald Trump resumes election campaign!

Initially scheduled for Thursday, October 15, the second debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden was canceled, by the commission responsible for organizing them.

Convalescent Donald Trump, behind in the polls, is embarking on a risky chase for the end of his campaign, even if it means neglecting, it seems, his convalescence and the elementary rules of health security.

Those in charge of the president’s campaign, who is far behind his opponent in the polls (- 10 points), are trying at all costs to relaunch his campaign as quickly as possible, even if it means minimizing the effects that it may have on him, regarding the disease which killed more than 213,000 people in America, in a few months.

Convalescent Donald Trump, five days after being released from the hospital where he spent three nights and received experimental treatment against Covid-19 and oxygen, is therefore preparing to hold rallies in public again. From this Saturday, October 10, he is organizing a first event since his diagnosis, from the White House.

That Trump makes comments that downplay the impact of the disease, as he has done regularly since he contracted the virus himself, will not necessarily be well received by the – few – undecided, among the elder ones in particular.

Some experts in the field of health, across the Atlantic, are now worried about a decision perhaps too hasty on the part of the president of 74 years of age, knowing, they explain, that hyperactivity and an absence of rest after disease can weaken the immune system and increase the risk of relapse, especially in the elderly.

However, it is very difficult to know the exact state of his convalescence. The medical staff of convalescent Donald Trump and those near to him have only given vague and sometimes contradictory, information on the treatment he is receiving and its duration.

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