Coronavirus Can Cause Stroke

Coronavirus Can Cause Stroke

Coronavirus can cause stroke!

According to current studies, Coronavirus can cause stroke! Conversely, severe infections in stroke patients are twice as common as in people with healthy blood vessels, said the Medical University of Innsbruck.

An infection with Coronavirus can cause neurological symptoms, in addition to breathing difficulties, cough and fever. All viruses and bacteria could also trigger strokes, explained Innsbruck epidemiologist and stroke expert, Dr. Stefan Kiechl.

Data from New York indicates that 1.6% of all Coronavirus patients who were treated in the hospital, had a stroke. According to Dr. Kiechl, a study that has already been applied, will examine how the stroke situation has developed in detail, in recent months.

Stroke expert Dr. Kiechl recommends that people with a risk profile should continue to take their medications and get a flu vaccination. An influenza vaccination could prevent a stroke, said Dr. Kiechl.

One should also pay attention to exercise and a healthy diet, take precautionary measures and call the rescue immediately, in the event of stroke symptoms, the doctor advised

Stroke patients also have an increased risk of a severe course of infection with Covid-19, Dr. Kiechl warned.

The virus causes inflammation in the blood, activates it and damages the inner membrane of the blood vessels. And it also activates platelets and clotting systems, as a result, blood clots are formed, says Dr. Kiechl.

The news is out, Coronavirus can cause stroke!

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