Coronavirus Has Been Good For The Environment

Coronavirus Has Been Good For The Environment

Coronavirus has been good for the environment!

Because of the lockdown in many parts of the globe, as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, there is very minimal activity taking place in factories and the like.

As such, the risk of toxins escaping into the environment is far less than what it used to be – pre-Coronavirus!

And this has led to a very big improvement of the air quality.

There has been a big slump in people travelling by flights, as almost all air travel all over the globe, has come to a stop.

Because of this, aviation emissions have fallen very significantly.

Even road traffic has almost all but come to a standstill, in many parts of the world.

Less traffic on the roads, has also led to a great improvement in the quality of air.

Yes Coronavirus has definitely been good for the environment.

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