Covid-19 In Africa, Some Reflections!

Covid-19 In Africa, Some Reflections!

COVID-19 in Africa, some reflections!

All of Africa has been hit badly by the Coronavirus pandemic, here is what Africans have to say about what is happening in Africa:


“The rest of Africa can learn a few things from the #SADC experience of managing the COVID pandemic including banning the total sale of alcohol so as to protect our health systems.”


“The ANC government are more concerned about enforcing the cigarette and alcohol ban than covid-19 and corruption!”


“A lot of job losses around the rail system, roads in Wadeville is chaos with the huge amount of taxi’s that “appeared.”


“I won’t be surprised f they are making money out of this. They only talk loud when there is something in it for the comrades. While the smokers are getting poor someone is pilling it up. How do  illegal  cigarettes get to the suppliers and where are they coming from? Mob.”


“Elandsfontein to Germiston the power line is like biltongs they are destroyed and by the look of thing it will take 3 years for trading to run again”


“South Africa is in the TOP 5 of most covid cases. We are doing amazing sweeties”


“The state of our rail lines in Johannesburg, South Africa. They are stealing our railway and cables. It’s reported Ellis Park station they even broke inside it and took things. Our leaders are busy eating Covid-19 tenders while the infrastructure is being destroyed.”


“It’s everywhere. Derelict Voortrekker Hospital in Kroonstad (Moqaqa) stripped of all removable parts by vagrants during lockdown. Couldn’t the Covid millions be used to restore this once proud institution and training hospital to a functioning field hospital?”

Henri says with a touch of finality:

“The COVID pandemic has shed light on the innovation gap that exists in Africa, but more importantly in all industries.”

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