Covid-19 Patient Cure Remdesivir “Rarely Helps” Says WHO

Covid-19 Patient Cure Remdesivir “Rarely Helps” Says WHO

Covid-19 patient cure Remdesivir “rarely helps” says WHO!  

The results of a World Health Organization study indicate that the use of Remdesivir has “little effect” in helping people with a Covid-19 patient cure.

Interim results from a trial coordinated by WHO, show that Remdesivir, interferon, lopinavir/ritonavir and hydroxychloroquine, appear to have hardly any or no effect on reduction or mortality or in hospital stays for COVID19 patients.

The rest were divided into groups of people who received hydroxychloroquine. That is an anti-malaria drug. This is an immunosuppressive drug commonly used in the treatment of hepatitis C infection.

Among patients who received Remdesivir, there was “no significant difference”, with regards to Covid-19 patient cure.

WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros says a recent trial shows the drug Remdesivir, which Trump has touted, has “little or no effect” on severe cases.

WHO confirmed that such research is not intended to “refute” all previously published research on Remdecivir. This included a report by the US National Institute of Allergy and Diseases (NHI), released in April.

It was said that Remdesivir was used to reduce the duration of treatment by approximately 31%, with the improvement of symptoms within 11 days of treatment. Compared to treatment which was given by the normal method, in this way, the COVID 19 symptoms of patients showed improvement within a couple of weeks.   

All parties involved in the research are also concerned about the “price” of drugs for Covid-19 patient cure.

One course of treatment with this drug takes about 5-10 days and is injected into the body through a vein, costing up to US $2,550. Also, this treatment was limited to emergency use only.

But for now, according to WHO, Remdesivir “rarely helps” with Covid-19 patient cure!

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