Denouncement Of American President Donald Trump?

Denouncement Of American President Donald Trump?

Denouncement of American President Donald Trump?

The US Justice Department does not rule out denouncing American President Donald Trump for inciting Capitol invasion.

After President Trump’s supporters attacked Congress and caused major riots, federal law enforcement agencies emphasized that they will hold participants accountable and do not rule out prosecuting Trump.

It is reported that senior White House staff have also tried to protect themselves and avoid being charged before the end of their term, from treason and other charges.

On January 7, 2021, Michael Sherwin, acting federal prosecutor in Washington, D.C., said that the Department of Justice may criminally prosecute all involved.

Considering that before the conflict broke out, American President Donald Trump called on his supporters to interfere with the Congressional agenda, so reporters asked whether the president would also be included in the investigation. Michael Sherwin replied that anyone involved in the matter and if there is evidence, will be prosecuted.

In his speech at the time, American President Donald Trump declared that he would never admit defeat and described that the election is not over yet and that supporters should “fight desperately.”

Then there were a series of incidents such as crowds rushing into the Capitol and buildings destroyed. Some people even broke into the office of Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and other members of the House of Representatives and took away some documents and electronic equipment.

Michael Sherwin said that the stolen items may belong to defense materials and the authorities need to spend several days to count the lost items, before taking action.

As the situation fell into chaos, political sources revealed that White House counsel Pat Cipollone has reminded other staff to draw a clear line with American President Donald Trump, so as not to be regarded as accomplices.

Two White House sources said that since the end of the election, Trump has repeatedly stated that he intends to amnesty himself in advance. For this reason, he has carefully questioned the political and legal implications of this move. It is unknown whether Trump will follow this line of action.

Another Republican who is close to the White House, also said that many business leaders were shocked by the incident. They called Trump and asked him to call for the demonstrators to disperse, but the call was never connected. The White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows was asked for assistance, but there was no response either by text message or phone call.

It is reported that the White House staff urged American President Donald Trump to issue a statement strongly condemning the congressional riots, but he refused.

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