Did Chinese Scientists Warn Of A Coronavirus Pandemic?

Did Chinese Scientists Warn Of A Coronavirus Pandemic?

Did Chinese scientists warn of a Coronavirus pandemic?

In 2017, did scientists from China warn of a Coronavirus pandemic that may spread through bats in China?

Art declares:

“China is THE main player in wild animal captivity for consumption. Enough already after its latest “gift” to the world COVID19. It should be made clear to the Chinese authorities that wet markets be closed and that their nation’s barbaric treatment of animals in general, cease.”

Are bats from China responsible for the spread of the Coronavirus disease?

Andrew Cunningham, Professor of Wildlife Epidemiology at the Zoological Society of London states:

“If they are being shipped or held in markets, in close proximity to other animals or humans, then there is a chance those viruses are being shed in large numbers.”

Stephen says:

“While I love bats Bat, they are rodents after all which can spread viruses to humans due to our close genetics.  I work for the public TV and radio network in Japan and have been following the COVID-19 outbreak since December. Here’s what we know. In Wuhan, there is a meat market known for selling unregulated wild animals. It was first thought to come from there.  Since, like a previous Coronavirus varient SARS, it’s been traced back to horseshoe bats in the area that spread it to wild civits, but not directly to humans.”

Kate Jones, Chair of Ecology and Biodiversity at University College London says:

“We are increasing transport of animals — for medicine, for pets, for food — at a scale that we have never done before. We are also destroying their habitats into landscapes that are more human-dominated. Animals are mixing in weird ways that have never happened before. So in a wet market, you are going to have a load of animals in cages on top of each other.”

Stephen adds:

“Horseshoe bat was discovered by Chinese scientists led by Shi Zheng-Li and Cui Jie of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, China in Yunnan in 2017, and they warned of a calamitous outbreak that could follow in the near future. Their findings were published in the published in the journal Public Library of Science Pathogens in 2017.”

So, in 2017, did Chinese scientists warn of a Coronavirus pandemic, spread through bats in China? Did the Chinese government ignore this warning that has caused lacs of people to die and millions to be infected all over the globe?

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