Dispute Over Unofficial Ballot Boxes In America

Dispute Over Unofficial Ballot Boxes In America

Dispute over unofficial ballot boxes in America!

Before the US elections there is a fight for every vote: In California, the Republicans had unofficial ballot boxes set up in front of arms shops and churches – and promptly received a warning letter from the electoral authority.

The first unofficial ballot boxes appeared at the weekend – in the south of the state, near Los Angeles, as well as in Orange County and in the agriculturally dominated Fresno. They look very similar to the state ballot boxes: only the logo of the respective district is missing. For this it says “official ballot box” in bold letters, framed by the US flag.

Warning from the electoral authority

The ministry responsible for the US presidential elections in the California capital Sacramento sees it very similarly. Its boss, Alex Padilla, is among other things, the top election officer. He has now sent warning letters to the Republican Party asking them to dismantle the ballot boxes immediately.

The Republicans placed the first 50 urns in front of conservative churches, in front of arms shops and in their electoral offices, as well as in constituencies with a high Trump electorate. This is particularly the case in rural areas and in some suburbs between Los Angeles and San Diego on the Mexican border. Another 50 urns are to follow.

Trump won a good 30 percent of the vote four years ago in California, Hillary Clinton got 60 percent. So the relationships are clear.

The election confusion is perfect once again and trust in the state continues to erode. Now courts will probably deal with the case.

In some states, people have been able to cast their vote in the presidential election for several weeks – and the rush seems to be great: around eight million Americans have already voted.

What is to become of the dispute over unofficial ballot boxes in America?

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