DJI Banned From The United States

DJI Banned From The United States

DJI banned from the United States.

Confirmation of DJI’s addition to the ‘Entity List’ comes from a senior Commerce Department official. In addition, along with DJI, other Chinese companies have also been banned from the US for “representing a danger to national security”, including China’s largest chipmaker, SMIC (Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation).

The commercial veto to DJI, SMIC and the other Chinese companies became effective this same Friday, December 18 at 10:15 AM, at a time when the updated Entity List was published.

Along with the prohibition of the sale of their products in the United States, no company of American origin can collaborate with them, either using their products or supplying American technology, which could have a strong impact on DJI’s supply chain. In short, exactly the same situation that Huawei has been in for more than a year.

The United States government has not given many details about the reason for the commercial veto against DJI, but strangely does not cite security concerns, but rather that DJI is responsible for oppression and violation of human rights in China. Specifically, DJI’s relationship with the Chinese government to provide drones for minority surveillance is mentioned.

It is not known what position President-elect Joe Biden will take on the situation when he takes power in January 2021. Meanwhile, it is clear that DJI has entered a difficult situation. As a result, DJI will not be able to sell its drones and other products in the United States.

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