Doctors Saying HCQ Works Are Being Censored!

Doctors Saying HCQ Works Are Being Censored!

Doctors saying HCQ works are being censored!

Janie Hsieh, PhD Says:

“Doctors who have treated hundreds if not thousands of patients are telling everyone that hcq is an effective treatment for coronavirus in the middle of an outbreak threatening the global economy. And they are being censored. Have people completely lost their minds?”

What are people saying about this?

DeeDe says:

”Covering up Huge crimes SEEMS insane. But, to perpetrators of the genocide of now 100,000 Americans, they have to do whatever is insanely necessary for them not to get indicted for mass murder.”

Bob says:

“A bit like a cure fore the common cold. Find a cure and tens of thousands of people will be out of work, some small economies will break down and an entire pharmaceutical industry will fade away.”

Jack says:

“if people admit that HCQ is being censored and that lockdown was probably unnecessary then they have to wake TF up. its a bitter pill.”

Sargon says:

“I’m not into conspiracy theories either but when it comes to masks, asymptomatic spread, seroprevalance studies, HCQ, etc. it is undeniable these entities are working hand-in-hand to control the narrative”

Taylor says:

“Doctors/ front liners in this fight are testifying the most effective treatment procedure but the “powers that be” are doing their best to silence them and the MSM are their tools. Evil doesn’t hide it’s ugly head anymore”

Fudanshi says:

“There is so much money to be made from medicines and vaccines with a legal PATENT.  HCQ is long off patent so it is CHEAP and ANY company can make it.  This is all about money and some may even suggest it is about destroying the economy so Trump will lose in November.”

David says:

“I am not happy that the positive results that have been attained by the use of HCQ are being squashed. This seems like a conspiracy to me.”

All across the globe, around 670,500 people are dead and over 17 million people are infected, because of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, which started in Wuhan, China.

Gina states:

“’s all about politics! They just care for power! Amazing cruelty!!”

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