Donald Trump Accuses Biden Of Betraying African Americans

Donald Trump Accuses Biden Of Betraying African Americans

Donald Trump accuses Biden of betraying African Americans!

US President Donald Trump, during his first public speech since the discovery of his Coronavirus infection, accused his rival in the upcoming elections, the Democratic candidate Biden, of betraying African Americans and representatives of the Hispanic community.

According to President Donald Trump, the policy of the Democrats is to “bring nothing but disaster, poverty and problems.”

The American leader claims that for half a century they have been “transferring jobs to China.” The head of the White House promised that he would return the vacancies to the Americans.

“We have received billions and billions of dollars in duties from China.” It was said when Donald Trump accuses Biden.

The Democratic presidential candidate Biden, if he wins the November elections, will not be able to act as head of state even for a short time. This opinion was expressed by Donald Trump.

The headquarters of the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden had decided to stop criticizing Trump, who was sick with Coronavirus, for now. Representatives of Biden’s headquarters temporarily refused criticizing the current head of state of America.

Earlier, Biden said he would pray for Trump’s health.

According to the American leader, Biden is controlled by left-wing radicals, so he said when Donald Trump accuses Biden.

“Biden will not be president for two months.” Trump said.

The TV presenter asked Trump if this meant that Biden will leave the presidency in two months. Trump responded to this that the mental capacity of this politician is not enough to be the head of state.

“You know this and everyone else knows it.” Trump added.     

So for now, the word is out that Donald Trump accuses Biden!

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