Donald Trump And Wife Test Positive

Donald Trump And Wife Test Positive

Donald Trump and wife test positive!

Hours after President Donald Trump announced that he and the first lady tested positive, a spokesperson for Vice President Pence said on Friday that Vice President Mike Pence and Second Lady Kay Len Pence tested negative for the Coronavirus.

When Donald Trump and wife tested positive for COVID 19, Trump announced in a tweet sent after midnight, that he and first lady Melania Trump had tested positive for the virus and that they would immediately begin the “isolation and recovery process.”

Soon after Trump issued this tweet, the White House issued a memo signed by the president’s doctor, confirming that both Donald Trump and wife tested positive for the COVID 19 on Thursday night.

On Thursday night, the media reported that one of Trump’s closest aides, Hope Hicks, tested positive for Covid-19. Hicks tested positive for the Coronavirus on Thursday morning, after showing symptoms on Wednesday night. According to reports, when the president flew back to Washington, DC from a campaign in Minnesota, she was isolated on Air Force One.

Trump confirmed Hicks’ diagnosis on Thursday night. Hicks is one of Trump’s close advisers and has been accompanying US President Trump on his campaign trip recently.

On Tuesday, two days before the Trump test results were announced, Trump attended the first presidential debate in Cleveland, Ohio, with the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Hicks was one of Trump’s assistants who attended the event, accompanied by all of Trump’s adult children. In a photo seen, some of them did not wear a mask. Hicks also accompanied Trump to a campaign rally in Minnesota the next day.

Vice President Pence ranks behind the president and today became the interim president of the United States, during Trump’s Coronavirus isolation.

Wall Street’s Standard & Poor’s 500 futures prices fell more than 1.4% and the Tokyo benchmark Topix index reversed its previous upward momentum and fell 1%.

Futures trading showed that London’s FTSE 100 index (FTSE 100) fell 0.8% at the opening.

The US dollar, which is generally regarded as a safe asset by investors, rose 0.2% against a basket of other currencies.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Trump has been downplaying the role of wearing masks. He hinted that wearing masks will make some people, such as waiters, more likely to spread COVID-19.

On Friday morning, the White House announced a revised presidential calendar and cancelled all public events as Donald Trump and wife tested positive for COVID 19!

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