Donald Trump Says Democrats Don’t Care About People

Donald Trump Says Democrats Don’t Care About People

Donald Trump says Democrats don’t care about people!

A few hours back, US President Donald J. Trump said:

“Democrats only want BAILOUT MONEY for Blue States that are doing badly. They don’t care about the people, never did!”

Here’s how people are reacting to what Donald Trump said that: Democrats don’t care about people!…

Emma: A fat, lying blob of shit who has Americans  locked in their homes, massive unemployment, trampling basic human rights (jailing children and performing hysterectomies), being lied to every single day and having your hard earned money disappear into his pocket.

Rich: In Trump’s America, no institution including democracy is sacred. Trump thinks the rules don’t apply to him if they stand in the way of his political ambitions. Republican party no longer has any guiding or governing philosophy.

Mickie: The Trump Recession has flung millions of Americans back into poverty. Government aid has expired. The unemployment rate is 10.2%, versus 4.7% when Trump took office. There are 14.8 million Americans collecting jobless aid, versus just 2 million were when Trump became president.

Jason: A president should not see color. There are no blue states or red states. There are states in a nation he is supposed to lead.

Daniel: You must have looked at the polls this morning.  If it weren’t for “blue” state taxpayers, unemployed people, kids in crumbling schools, and lazy Republicans who just don’t want to work, would be starving.  All of your lies will never mask the truth.

Chad: Trump is trying to divide this country into Red and Blue states, but in reality we have always been the United States.  HE IS NO PRESIDENT. He is delusional and unhinged and will punish anybody who didn’t vote for him. In other words he is a dictator.

What do you think? Is Donald Trump right when he says Democrats don’t care about people?

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