Elettra Lamborghini Wedding Scandal

Elettra Lamborghini Wedding Scandal

Elettra Lamborghini wedding scandal!    

Elettra Lamborghini finally got married yesterday, Saturday 26 September 2020, with her boyfriend Afrojack, the DJ who stole her heart. The two have been engaged for some time and last December Elettra announced that she had received the fateful proposal from her Nick, this is his real name.

The Elettra Lamborghini wedding was really highly anticipated, also because they skipped it several times due to the Coronavirus emergency and the lockdown that occurred in the past months.

In recent days, Elettra has also had some health problems, causing her to have difficulties on the wedding day, but then luckily everything ended in the best possible way and the singer was able to pronounce the fateful “Yes”, in the splendid setting of Lake Como, in a splendid party organized in detail by wedding planner Enzo Miccio.

About a hundred people were present at the ceremony, including friends and family. Someone, however, was missing and during the wedding, posted a ‘poison’ message to the newlyweds on Instagram.

Elettra Lamborghini’s wedding was a highly anticipated event and took place at its best yesterday, Saturday 26 September. All the most important people in Electra and Nick’s life were present at the party, but there was a big absentee and it certainly didn’t go unnoticed.

In fact, her sister Ginevra was missing from the Lamborghini family, the youngest of the family, who in life is a singer, just like Elettra. The latter has always shown that she is very close to her family, but apparently, at least according to rumors, there is no good blood between her and her sister.

In short, their relationship is not be the best, which would also explain Electra’s choice to have the other two sisters, Lucrezia and Flaminia, as wedding witnesses. While Elettra’s wedding was taking place on Lake Como, however, Ginevra did not remain silent and published a story on her Instagram profile:

“I wish you the best. I would have liked to be there too.”

A few words, but really very strong, those of Ginevra, which seem to confirm the rather tense air between her and Elettra. What happened between them?

This is it about the Elettra Lamborghini wedding scandal!

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