Elon Musk Brain Computer Next?

Elon Musk Brain Computer Next?

Elon Musk Brain Computer next?

Elon Musk starter, Neuralink, wants to one day insert chips into the human brain. The goal is to develop implants that can treat neural disorders – and that may one day be powerful enough to put personalities at a higher level with computers that could have future intelligence.

Musk appealed to coders and engineers and especially people with the experience of being “sent” (i.e., actually made) a product to use. But getting started is not far from having a commercial product, which can include complex human trials and FDA approval, among many other things. Friday’s show featured three pigs. Another, Gertrude, had an implant of Neuralink.

Musk, the founder of electric car company Tesla Motors and a private space exploration company, SpaceX, has become a clear striker against the artificial intelligence threat that may one day target people. The continued growth of AI cognitive skills, he and like-minded critics suggest, can lead to machines that can outthink and outmaneuver people.

Suggested solution? Connect computers to our brains so we can keep up.

Connecting the brain directly to electronics is nothing new. Doctors implant electrodes in the brain to provide a stimulus to treat those conditions. Neuralink wants to build on these existing therapies and one day work on surgery that can improve brain function.

In Friday’s video show regarding Elon Musk Brain Computer, Musk showed a picture of the program. It is about the size of a large coin, designed to fit inside a human skull. The strands that hang over the form of this device would go straight to the brain. The previous version of the device would have been placed behind the ear as a hearing aid.

In the experiments, to build an Elon Musk Brain Computer, implanted sensors allowed people with disabilities to use brain signals to operate computers and move arms such as robots. In 2016, researchers reported that a man was once again able to move his hand through a brain transplant.

Elon Musk is not satisfied with electric vehicles, shooting people into space, filling Mars with humans and building underground tunnels to resolve traffic troubles. Elon Musk now wants to get into your mind.

Elon Musk Brain Computer next?

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