Erikasee Sees 15-Year-Old Drowned

Erikasee Sees 15-Year-Old Drowned

Erikasee sees 15-year-old drowning!

Erikasee is an open lignite in the region of Lusatia. The lake came from the mine that housed Grube Erika, later called Laubusch. Erikasee is located in the Gifhorn, three kilometers from the lake. The lake can be reached by the villages of Ummern (6 miles), Gifhorn (about 5 miles from the lake) and Müden (Aller) (8 miles).

Due to rising tides and the flow of water in the lake, the area has reached its current size. The open-air section of the mine, which forms the modern island, was constructed using heavy loads.

A 15-year-old boy drowned in Erikasee near Wilsche on Thursday evening. Paramedics were searching for the boy, who was presumed missing. However, they later found his body.

At about 6:50 p.m., firefighters and police received an emergency call, at which point the boy was reported missing. Neubokel, Gifhorn and Wilsche firefighters began searching for the child in large numbers.

The Kortitzmühle opencast mine is located in the far east. The first “Erika pit” test was performed between Laubusch and Nardt in early 1913. Until 1962 the opencast mine produced industrial power plants near the Lauta power station and the briquette factory “Grube Erika” Laubusch.

The village of Grube Erika Laubusch is located on the eastern shore of the lake. To the west, the area is bounded by federal highway 96. This is a federal highway in Germany, going from Zittau in the eastern part of Upper Lusatia to Sassnitz in Rügen. The B 96 starts at Zittau in the city ring, where the B 99 starts, then crosses Mittelherwigsdorf and then ends at Rietschebach.

To the north, the area is bounded by the Tätzschwitz district of Elsterheide municipality. Tätzschwitz is a suburb of Elsterheide Municipality in the Bautzen region of Saxony. This area is located in a well-known Sorbia settlement.

Investigators of the boy have received support from a helicopter and several members of the Fire Department in Wolfsburg. The German Red Cross was also involved in the search for the Erikasee boy.

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