Facebook And Twitter Block Unfavorable Article On Biden!

Facebook And Twitter Block Unfavorable Article On Biden!

Facebook and Twitter block unfavorable article on Biden!

The two social networking giants have reportedly blocked links to the article because the source of the information it contains is questionable.

The newspaper reporting this news states that it received a computer previously used by Hunter Biden, stating that he involved his father in his business affairs in Ukraine.

Mr Biden, a former vice president and Democrat candidate in the November 3 head of state election, has repeatedly denied helping his son run affairs in Ukraine.

After Biden’s campaign representatives denied that he had met any businessman in Ukraine, Facebook and Twitter restricted the ability to post links to that article, saying its authenticity was in doubt.

Twitter has indicated that it has restricted the distribution of this article due to questions about the “source of the material” it contains. Republicans have rushed to condemn these actions, calling them censored censorship.

In the public opinion polls 20 days before the election, Trump, who lags behind Biden, has spared no criticism of these social networking giants.

Later, during an election campaign rally in Iowa, Trump said White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany’s Tweet account was blocked, when she shared that New York Post article.

The New York Post reports that Biden left the computer in a room in Delaware in April 2019. The owner of the unnamed room told the newspaper that after the computer owner had not been able to pick it up for a long time, he copied the entire contents of the hard drive and handed the computer over to federal officials.

The owner handed over a copy of the hard drive to Rudy Giuliani, the president’s personal lawyer, who in turn gave it to the newspaper. While the former vice president’s campaign has not denied the existence of such a computer, nor has it denied the authenticity of the emails it contains, Mr Giuliani is known to be responsible for a series of cases of false information about Biden and Ukraine.

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