Facebook Bans Thai Group?

Facebook Bans Thai Group?

Facebook bans Thai group?

It has been reported that Facebook has banned a Thai group for protesting against the Thai monarchy on Facebook. This is what people have to say about this…


How ironic how most Thais love his father but not this current Thai king.  What fb group is that?


It’s a facebook group call Royalist Marketplace. People are criticize and sharing some forbidden files and books about monarchy in the group. There are over 1 millions members in it. So thai gov tried to ban ihe group that’s why facebook sue thai gov.


Right now some people even don’t like his father after we knew something in that fb group


Damn starting to think Facebook is sorta ass


They actively work with the government wherever they operate. It is a crime to criticize the monarchy in Thailand. So facebook is being predictably shit about it.


Same story in communist and socialist countries.


Faceblock at your service. You pay enough, we block enough.


To be fair, FB is fighting back against this.


I am yet to see any evidence. Fascists and right wingers have free reign in FB. They’re even promoting news that Holocaust is make believe!!!


FB is a money making business. They’re much more interested in millions of young users than they are in a few hundred old generals who don’t use the internet.


Direct hit Bang on that first line. They just don’t care how.

What Pink Floyd sang ages ago –

“Money, it’s a hit,

Ah, don’t give me that do-goody-good bullshit,

I’m in the high-fidelity first class travelling set,

And I think I need a Lear jet.”


Nuuuu the thai gov wanna ban a group thats about fighting for democracy in thailand and people from the group want fb to sue the gov…


I left facebook years ago when I realised it had not social benefit. It is blocking people from voicing their frustrations with the monarchy, meaning it contributes in maintaining the status quo. Keep the people stupid and glued their phones.

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