First Green Hydrogen Plant Launched In USA

First Green Hydrogen Plant Launched In USA

First green hydrogen plant launched in USA.

The Solena Group has agreed with the City of Lancaster, Los Angeles County, to build a green hydrogen production plant by heating organic waste to temperatures above 3870 ° C. The technology uses “plasma torches” and it has been originally commissioned by NASA and has not been used commercially. The company has not yet decided on the sources of financing for the $ 55 million project, but expects a strong demand for environmentally friendly fuel produced without greenhouse gas emissions.

Lancaster authorities are ready to supply the Solena Group with waste, for the green hydrogen plant, instead of paying for disposal at the landfill. The city, within the framework of cooperation, will receive a small share in the capital of the enterprise. The Mayor of Lancaster, R. Rex Parris is known in the United States for his environmental initiatives. The city under his rule was the first in Southern California to switch to “clean” electricity. He also persuaded the Chinese carmaker BYD to establish an electric bus plant in Lancaster.

The Solena Group’s founding members for the green hydrogen plant, include a former NASA engineer, who helped develop technology for testing spacecraft thermal insulation. It consists in passing a powerful electrical discharge through a medium of rarefied gas. The result is plasma, an ionized gas that produces a very hot flame. The company wants to use part of the resulting fuel to maintain the work of “plasma torches”.

Solena Group CEO Robert Doo is confident that the state will help the green hydrogen plant thrive. Hydrogen is already being used in the production of gasoline and fertilizers. No harmful emissions are generated from its combustion, however, it is mainly obtained from coal and natural gas with the emission of carbon dioxide. But environmentally friendly electrolysis is used much less often.

Solena Group’s proposed hydrogen production technology for the green hydrogen projects, has yet to prove its commercial viability. Scientists at Livermore National Laboratory recently concluded that high-pressure heating of organic waste to gas could be a cheap way to reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Hydrogen is able to displace part of the fossil fuel and the wastes processed during its production will not decompose at the landfill and emit methane, which increases the greenhouse effect.

Solena Group expects to receive a construction permit for the enterprise in early 2021. The first green hydrogen plant launched in USA, should be up and running at the end of 2022.

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