Garrett Foster, Black Lives Matter Supporter, Shot Dead In Austin, TX.

Garrett Foster, Black Lives Matter Supporter, Shot Dead In Austin, TX.

Garrett Foster, Black Lives Matter supporter, shot dead in Austin, TX.

Just a little while ago, Garrett Foster, a Black Lives Matter supporter, was shot dead in Austin, TX, USA.

How are people in Austin, TX, USA reacting to this?

Ian Miles Cheong Tweets:

“Garrett Foster, the Black Lives Matter supporter who was shot and killed tonight in Austin, TX, was interviewed with his AK47.”

PonderinStuff Tweets:

“If someone had to die, it’s better him than the innocent people in the car who Garrett Fired On First.”

WWG1 Tweets:

“Do you have a story on what happened?”

Eric Tweets:

“The F%$KT$#D shot at a driver.  His own mistake is the ONLY reason he’s dead and maybe that should be a big eye opener to some of these rioters”

TrumpPack Tweets:

“He was killed in self-defense.”

DarkElfBestElf from Reddit states:

“During a BLM protest, a car attempts to get through a protest illegally blocking the street while honking. A “peaceful protestor” then opens fire with his AK, though it’s unclear whether he aimed at the vehicle or fired in the air as intimidation. The driver then returns fire three times with what sounds like a 9mm handgun. According to news reports which omit most details to frame the victim as a murderer, the rioter with the AK is now dead. Shortly before this incident, the now deceased violent rioter is interviewed while open carrying his new AK. He stated “People who oppose us are pussies and won’t do anything about it”. It would appear a normal U.S. citizen conceal carrying a pistol proved him wrong.”

Mindy Tweets:

“His poor family. As a mom with three kids I know how difficult it can be to keep them on the right track but here’s what I learned. My job was/is to love them and teach them to love others. To respect people even when we don’t agree. That playing with fire can get you burned.”

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