Global Economy At Record Low, But Stocks At Record High, HOW?

Global Economy At Record Low, But Stocks At Record High, HOW?

Global economy at record low, but stocks at record high, HOW?

All over the globe, people, especially those who invest in the stock markets or at least have an interest in them, are wondering how when things are so bad in the world, stocks are doing so well.

Here are some interesting views of what people have to say on why the global economy is in the dumps, yet stocks are faring so well.

Dan says:

“The stock market is it’s own animal. So we are in a situation where very rich people have lots of extra money. It’s true most of us are struggling, but these rich folks need to put their money somewhere and with Rents and mortgage uncertainty the stock market is a good bet.”

Illya states:

“Well it’s a little more complicated than some of the replies….we are artificially propped up at this time.  There is too much unresolved strife globally at this time to accurately predict short-term performance. Investors must be prepared for severe volatility going fwd.”

Mack says:

“I’m sure it’s FAR more complex than this, but this layperson’s perspective wonders why the stock market has EVER tanked when it seems that the wealthy can keep it humming despite a dire economy.”

Damon announces:

“Because the commen person in this country is not affected by the stock market. Corporations by back their own stock to increase their wealth and keep laying off the employees.”

schmaltzy says:

“there’s nothing logical about the market…it’s detached from reality until something REALLY big happens.  it’s nearing time for everyone that “bought the dip” to cash out and prevent the massive losses that are about to come.”

Dave declares:

“the reason the stock market is doing well is because the few people who own it are squeezing the mass number of people who don’t own it, but yet, sustain it.”

Liz asks:

“If the stock market is doing well, why aren’t we ALL benefiting???”

Maybe all of these answers or some of them, give the answer to how if the global economy is at a record low, stocks at record high!

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